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Tutorial: Creating a partition after rerooting Barbie

This tutorial has been a long time coming, but here it finally is! This is how you can do a partition on your Barbie doll (or other fashion doll) after rerooting. First, separate the two part lines of hair, which you see in the hole pattern as being in two tight lines in the middle […]

Analysing Barbie body types

These are the most common body types of Barbie, lots of variation also occurs, but you will find these helpful in choosing and fitting outfits. I stopped collecting few years back so this post isn’t up to date. The Vintage (and reproduction) body. This is the first body type created for Barbie. The same body […]

Restoring Barbie

There are plenty of things you can do to restore a Barbie. The method you choose will depend on a) The condition of your doll b) What you want to achieve c) The value of the doll and your skills If you’re a first timer, I suggest if you have a doll that is from […]

Rerooting Barbie’s changing Barbie’s hair

This article will advice you on rerooting your Barbie’s hair. This means you will actually change the hair into new by sewing it in. In this tutorial we’re using Katsilk Saran hair from (Click on the images to view them larger.) You will need: – Tweezers.– Bear-thread.(Or similar.) You will need thread that is […]

Selling a played with Barbie

The collectors often buy playline Barbies that are good for restoring. Many times over I have found awesome dolls that to the average person seem like pure junk. Most second hand market, flea market or garage sale sellers don’t take time to fix the doll up at all. I don’t mean that you should start […]

Straightening and perming Barbie hair

In the following you will be instructed on how to restore a second hand Barbie into her former glory without complicated methods. This is simple and safe way to do it – provided that you have a Mattel made genuine Barbie-doll made after the year 1973, as this tutorial doesn’t refer to other fashion dolls. […]