Johnny Depp might collect Barbies – but not these

May 21, 13 Johnny Depp might collect Barbies – but not these

A few days ago the net got saturated with stories of celebrities weird hobbies, along which was Johnny Depp‘s collection of (all) limited edition Barbie- and Ken dolls. Some of the stories were also equipped with the proof, Johnny Depp posing with a bunch of dolls. Any collector would have looked at them with a bit of amazement: “What’s so limited about these?” Granted, for a lot of collectors the dolls in the photo would be more than welcome (gotta love that Versace) but the man in the photo was not originally Johnny himself. It’s a photoshop.

Depp is a rather private person, and getting him to pose with his dolls was probably too much to ask, so they got a photo of a London based collector Giovanni Madonia, published in the Telegraph in 2009 and pasted Johnny’s face on top. Even I was fooled for a moment and snickered to myself that the poor celeb has totally been had by some mean Barbie dealer who has sold him $20 dolls for thousands. That’s not the case. I’m sure Mr. Depp knows what he’s doing – if the story is real to begin with. :)

Good on ya Johnny, give me a call so we can play. :)

Johnny Depp fake Barbie photo

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