Tutorial: Creating a partition after rerooting Barbie

This tutorial has been a long time coming, but here it finally is! This is how you can do a partition on your Barbie doll (or other fashion doll) after rerooting.

First, separate the two part lines of hair, which you see in the hole pattern as being in two tight lines in the middle of the Barbie head. This is where the partition goes, of course. I usually tie the rest of the hair in a ponytail or two… What do  you call them in English? These are not pig tails, are they? Well, you see what I mean in the photo. Just get the rest of the Barbie hair out of the way and you’ll have easier time fixing the partition.

I use the rerooting needle in the separation of the hair, as well as what follows. You could also use a spiked comb but since you have the needle handy after the rerooting it works fine.


Starting from the back of the Barbie head, start turning each plug from side to side. They should cross over the part, where it’s been rooted on the left, turn it over to the right side of the head, then take the next one from the right and cross it over to the left. You may need to have some clips handy to keep them in place for now, as they sometimes want to pop right back where they were.



Continue this way through the partition. There may be times when the plugs simply don’t align well, and you may need to separate one plug by pulling an opposing plug stright through it, or you may need to run two plugs between the opposing two, instead of one like normally. Use your best judgement here.




Here the whole part has been separated, and as you can see there’s a small bald spot that will require an extra plug in there. I’m feeling lazy so I’ll leave that until later.

Get that rubber band out and put the freshly parted strands in with the rest of the hair so it won’t get messed up.



Next, we have to set the part with some boiling hot water. Now, in my house, the water straight from the tap is ridiculously hot, this is an old house with no thermostats, that’s why it comes out near the boiling point. You might need to boil some water for this.

Holding the hair in place, pour the hot water onto the Barbie’s hair part to make it set. The rubber bands will most likely snap in the hot water so you’re better off taking them out and holding the hair with your fingers, just make sure you don’t burn yourself. (As in, if you’re not an adult, ask your mum for help!)

This step sets the rest of the Barbie hair in a natural position. Take the doll by the legs and put her in the sitting position while keeping her under the hot water for a few seconds, allowing the water to run over the top of her head. If you boiled a kettle, pour the whole thing on, if you’re using tap water, you need to run the water just long enough as it would take for a kettle to run empty. (This won’t take long, in other words.)



Here we go with the end result. Now, let it dry up or go onto curling/styling it if you like. As you can see, Elphie here needs another plug, I did give her one more after I took the photos. 🙂 If you like Elphie, you can join her fan page here. Elphie is my friend’s Barbie doll and came over to my place for a quick reroot before I took her over to Finland with me and Elphie’s owner Rachel was too busy to do a reroot at the time. We had fun, but I also forgot I took the partition photos and I’ve been back for months already… Anyway. Hope this helps you!


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