Analysing Barbie body types

These are the most common body types of Barbie, lots of variation also occurs, but you will find these helpful in choosing and fitting outfits. I stopped collecting few years back so this post isn’t up to date.

vintage repro Barbie body type The Vintage (and reproduction) body. This is the first body type created for Barbie. The same body type is used for reproduction dolls, but is identifiable by the stamp on her bottom, which includes the year “2004” in the original stamp.
Barbie tnt body TNT, which is short for Twist n’ Turn is probably the most common body type of them all, because it was used since the early 70’s all the way to the 90’s. All TNT bodies are stamped 1966.
There are 3 types all put together, one being the mod-TNT, with the difference to the modern straight arm TNT that the turn joint was tilted as shown in the image. The only difference between the two modern versions is the arms, which are clear to see in the photo, and marked with number 3.
Barbie  shani body The Shani-body
The most common body type used in the Mackie-era. Compared to the straight arm TNT, which most resambles the shani-body, the easiest identification method is the arms: Simply put; shani arms move to the sides, where TNT arms only turn front and back. The shape of the arms is also different. (See later for clear comparisation picture.)
Barbie fully jointed body Fully Jointed body
This is the first fully jointed body type, of which there is 2 different versions; the flat feet (pictured) and the high heel or ‘pointy toe’ version. Usually referred to as “jointed body”, “articulated body” or “poseable body”.
Barbie belly button body Basic Belly Button
This is the basic belly button body, but in the ID area “era” is separated by the size of the head, the body is the same. (In the photo, it’s the bigger head.)
There is also a versions of the belly button that has jointed elbows and one that has Fashionistas arms.
This body type was introduced in 2000, starting with the Ever Flex -variation of it. (Below)
Barbie everflex body Ever Flex belly button
Same as above with the difference of the mid section of the torso, that is covered with rubbery skin-like material. The Ever Flex -material is hiding a joint that allows free movement of the waist.
Barbie model muse body Model Muse
Collector doll special body, which had non-bendable legs, with a body that allows very little movement at all. Intended for display instead of play.
Barbie pivotal body Pivotal / Jazz Baby
Officially named as “Pivotal”, but often referred to as “Jazz Baby Body”, because the Jazz Babies were the first ones to get this body. In proportions and shapes, it is almost identical to the Model Muse, apart from the waist.
Barbie fashionistas body Fashionistas
This bodytype is the latest addition – released in 2009, and is the most freely moving body type made for playline Barbie. The Pivotal body has one extra moving part (the knee) compared to Fashionista. Shapewise, Fashionista is a belly button body.
Comparing similar bodytypes
analyzing differences between Barbie's vintage, tnt and shani bodies Vintage, TNT and Shani
First, click to see the larger version of this image.
1. Difference in the waist of Vintage and TNT. Note that vintage body has no waist joint.
2. TNT body is taller than Vintage.
3. The ONLY visible difference between two types of TNT bodies is the arms. (Neck joint varies.)
4. Difference between straight armed TNT and Shani is easy to see by the hands and arms. (Sometimes TNT body is combined with Shani arms, check step 5.)
5. Also a difference, a very subtle one, is the shape of TNT hip compared to Shani.
comparison of different versions of Barbie's belly button body types Belly Button variations
Comperison between the Barbie pivotal body and Barbie Fashionistas body Pivotal and FashionistasIn 2010 a new wave of Fashionistas was released with technically the same knee joint as the Pivotal body, but with same proportions as the old. (My personal favourite body of all of them!)
Comparisons between the different jointed body types of Barbie Different sort of jointed bodies
(why we can’t just call them “jointed”)
Comparison between the pivotal Barbie body and the model muse Barbie body Muse & Pivotal
The skin colour doesn’t effect the name of the body.This is pretty much all you need to know about body types. Even though there are variations, the bodies are well grouped together.
If you have any questions, please comment below.

Finding clothes and patterns

Currently the shops are selling belly button clothing only, so to find clothing that fits other body types you’ll have to hit the op shops, flea markets or websites such as eBay. There are some patterns available for Barbie fashions, but you still have to check the date they’ve been published to properly match a body. The most common, and the most problematic doll type to clothe; TNT-bodies match the Superstar era clothing, and they stopped making those in the early 1990’s.


  1. Sorry this comment appears so long after the original article…

    Will Silkstone Barbie clothes fit Barbies with a Model Muse body? I keep looking at some of the new Barbie Basics dolls.

    • I wouldn’t count on it – and I should have included silkstone in the analysis and I think I’ll ad it later when I get a chance – the bust, waist and hip area is very different on these dolls and depending on the outfit some will be okay some won’t fit at all. I would say the waist will be too tight and the bust and hips will be too loose on the muse body, if the outfit is very fitted.

      • You are absolute right. The Muse Barbie’s clothes will not fit the Silkstones. The Silkstones wear the clothes of the Vintage Barbie. Thanks for a wonderful article.

        • You also forgot the all jointed and super bendy waste with no visible joints covered in latex, I have one I saw a red haired one on ebay and my friend has one

          • No, just didn’t include them as they are fairly easy to identify and are very rare. There is tons of body types that I haven’t included.

          • I have one with platinum hair and a darkish skin. Lips are lavender pink and pout. Eyes are pale blueish green She has a pink and black Barbie Sport outfit which is a skort and a crop top. She has a belly button. Only place that joints show are arm/body joint and the neck/head joint. Her feet show molded toes with nail polish that matches finger polish.

  2. Thank you! I have been looking at ebay and keep seeing “silkstone” and “model muse”…and had no idea what they were talking about. I do have one more question, what is the “fashion royalty” doll? Is that another type of Barbie, or is that an “off-brand”? Thank you again for your very helpful article above.

    New to the doll world!

  3. I found this article and the accompanying photos to be very helpful. I collect Barbie dolls and I know a good bit about the different body types, but it’s nice to see the side by side comparisons without having to strip some of my dolls :p The Silkstone body is similar to the Shani body (the arms are different and Silkstone Barbies are taller, but the torso is the same; they both have the 1991 date stamped on their lower back). I redress my dolls sometimes and depending on the fashions, some Model Muse clothing can fit Silkstones and vice versa. Some of the Model Muse fashions will be a bit snug though since they’re thinner than other Barbies. And some of the Silkstone fashions will be a little loose on a Model Muse doll, while some fit quite well. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this page for future reference πŸ™‚

  4. Hi, Thanks for the article)). Very informative.
    And could you tell please, if the legs are bendable?
    I mean Belly Button versions.
    I was fond of TNT bodies. But unfortunately I can see now only all-plastic dolls(((.
    And I don’t like the types with visible joints…
    And not every picture can give you all the information about particular doll.

  5. Do you know if model muse fashions will fit fashionista bodies? I’m thinking they might not because fashionistas have wider hips and thicker thighs than model muse, but I’ll ask just to make sure.

  6. Thanks so much for this site! I learned a lot, very informative, thanks for putting it together. I recently pulled out my “old” Barbies and wanted to try crocheting some of the gowns. There are a ton of free patterns out there but they all seem to be for the newer Barbies as they are not fitting correctly. Does anyone out there crochet for vintage bodies? The ones from the 60’s and 70’s that are stamped 1966? They seem to have much larger breasts and tinnier waists…am I correct in this? Thanks

    • Yes that’s true, it’s called a belly button body what the newest patterns would be for. I am sure there are plenty of patterns on the net – you should look for TNT body for the dolls stamped 1966 and vintage for those stamped 1959.

    • @Lorrilee,

      I’ve spent the past eight months working on crochet patterns/original outfits for a wide range of Barbie/Midge/Francie, et. al. dolls. Try the Ravelry site for patterns and ideas. There are a couple pattern books, though many of them are not necessarily geared to vintage bodies. Through trial and error, I’ve determined it’s actually best to design your own pieces for each doll. For examples of such work, see WatBetty’s designs on Etsy. I found one set of patterns for a vintage body, but I had a really hard time with the instructions, some of which seemed a bit “off.” Try a few patterns first, just to get your feet wet, then you should be ready to create your own custom designs. You can also adapt some of the newer patterns to the vintage measurements by constantly trying your piece on the vintage dolls to adjust your stitches as needed. Many of the patterns are pretty simple stitches (single/double crochet, shell stitch). I also invested in a whole range of used Barbies, et. al. from Etsy, which has some great deals. I spent under $200 for a collection of 22 dolls. They’re now my models, as I create samples I will eventually offer in my Etsy store. Happy crocheting! Also, thanks to Sebastyne for offering such wonderful information.

  7. This is an amazing article! Thank You so much for it! I was born in former USSR and as a kid I wanted Barbie so bad! but my parents were unable to buy it because there were no such toys in our shops (maybe in some big supermarkets in Moskow there were Barbies also, but we lived far away from Moskow and my parents never went there). Now I am a big girl πŸ™‚ and I’ve bought Barbie just to make my child dream come true, but I’ve discovered, that her body is not the same as I saw when I was a kid. I looked up in internet and found Your article, so now I know: that’s because Barbie’s body change with time. That is really sad to me, because I want exactly the same (TNT) doll which I saw in my childhood, but now they sell only Belly Button in the shops πŸ™

    • Worry not Natalie, you can find these dolls on the Internet for next to nothing New in box. πŸ™‚ I’d guess you’re looking for 80’s dolls right? Do you remember what you were looking for, the name of the doll or what they wore? I can probably ID the 80’s girls for you. (Some of the popular ones: Peaches & Cream Barbie, Day to Night Barbie, Crystal Barbie, Magic Moves Barbie, Dream Glow Barbie, Barbie and the Rockers… Put those into Google and see if you can find one that you wanted!) eBay is your dream location if you ache for the old era Barbies, you’ll find so many you won’t lack variety! (NRFB abbreviation means Never Removed From Box and the doll should be pristine inside.) Good luck on hunting and don’t let the Barbie bug bite too hard!! :))

      • Oh, thank You so much! Yes, I am probably looking for a doll from 80s – early 90s. Since I live in Austria now, I can try eBay (have never used it before). Thank You for this idea! BTW, Barbies’ faces are also very different now and it was really hard to find a doll with Belly Button body looking at least a little similar (I mean her face) to what I saw in a childhood. Well, I’m afraid it’s too late and I’ve been bitten by Barbie bug long time ago and forever πŸ˜€

        • The face mould you are looking for is called the Superstar face, and you can find most of them using the term “Superstar era Barbie”. There are SO MANY, but as an 80’s kid myself, I know exactly why you’d feel disappointed with the current selection. The belly buttons can be attractive too, but only AFTER you nourish that need for Superstar! πŸ˜‰

          • Hi Natalie, I’m from the USSR as well! I have a friend who collects Barbies from the 80’s and 90’s and she buys them either from a stocker in Moscow or from Amazon. Ebay is flooded with these dolls as well. I don’t like them, but I bought one for “historical interest ;)” from a local flea market, used for 2$. I hope you’ll find what you are looking for and return to share the experience πŸ™‚

          • Hi, I found your article via a Google research, I have a vintage Barbie (stamped 1966 on the bottom) with real eye brows and bendable legs, and I’m lost when I look at the shoes and clothes in the shops, they don’t fit well (especially the shoes). My other problem is to find fitting clothes for my Francie Malibu, I don’t know which doll’s could match her body ? I don’t like the joints (too visible) on the Fashionistas, but the last Barbie I bought (basic one) has straight legs, are they all like that now ??? Thanks for your article, it helped me a lot though! Oh, and I live in Belgium πŸ™‚

          • The clothes in shops won’t fit a 1966 body. They’re long gone. You are looking for TNT fashions, and your best chance to find some is eBay. They may sell as TNT, mod or superstar era fashions. Your dolls are from the mod era, if you want their clothes to match their age, but superstar era clothes should fit, too.

    • Natalie,

      Have you found a TNT Barbie yet? I just picked up some Barbies (some of them TNT, dated 1966) at a garage sale this past weekend.

    • You can look on ebay for your childhood dream Barbie.
      You can more than likely find one just like her, as there were so many made.
      I wish you great success!!!

  8. I am making Barbie clothes for my niece and she has Fashionista Barbies. Will Belly Button clothes fit the Fashionista. Thanks for any help you can give.

    • Yes they will, they are exactly the same shape and size apart from the joints, so avoid very tightly fitting outfits that will stretch over the joint below the breast line, other than that the belly button body is a perfect match.

  9. I recently purchased a Model Muse Barbie doll on ebay…I haven’t received her yet and was wondering how tall the Model Muse barbies are?

  10. I like your blog!

    You’re missing some body types though…

    There’s the Generation Girl body- they have TNT waists, flat feet, rubber legs, BB sized busts, TNT sized bums, nice pose-able arms. They were pretty much the barbie and the rockers of the 90s-
    Super dated.

    In the vein of ‘is this a teenager or an adult proportioned doll?’ there’s this body
    Not sure what it’s really called- I have a few NOIDs with this body.

    Then there are the larger sized bodies, such as ‘happy family grandma’ and ‘Rosie O’Donald’s’ body. those are easy to find info on.

    • Thanks for those, I forgot about the latter mentioned, it’s been only used for one year 2007 I think, in large scale. The generation girl is a variation of a Shani-body with joints I believe… There is all sorts of combos made of each bodytype, I didn’t include the jointed variations of other body types here as they would have made the post huge.

  11. Hi! I found your article very informative, but I didn’t see a mention of the My Scene dolls. I’m just wondering if you have any information about them. I bought a few to make-over into fairies because I thought the larger head was kind of cute. I know there was a big controversy related to the Bratz dolls, and I haven’t seen My Scene dolls in the stores for some time now. Any comment? Thanks!

    • My Scene’s have been discontinued some years back, but I can’t remember the year right now… 2007ish. This article is about the body types, not the head sculpts, MyScene dolls uses the belly button body type, in case you are looking for that information.

  12. Hi, I have just purchased the outfit Party Perfect (Blue Brocade) and I can’t seem to find a Barbie that it will fit, which body type will fit this dress. One doll I can get it on but the clips won’t do up. Please help! Thanks

    • Sorry I haven’t answered earlier; that would be a Model Muse dress. Very difficult to fit on any other body type unfortunately; the model muse dresses are often so beautiful, but they don’t fit but the one body type. You can find a Model Muse doll at most department stores that sell Barbie; the Barbie Basics -line is all Model Muse.

  13. Hi. Just stumbled onto your site and am hoping you are able to help me identify one of my Barbies. She is a bellybutton barbie with jointed elbows. She also has a switch on the left side of her back that moves the left arm out slightly. I have searched and searched to no avail. So ANY help would be appreciated. Thank you kindly, Melody

      • Hi again. Sadly, it is not a Stylin pup barbie. She has streaked hair which is a darker blonde and also a straight, short fringe, which is not very thick. Eyes are dark blue and her lips are a purple-pink colour. Open mouth smile. Perhaps the extra info will help?

        • Well it would have been too good to be true. πŸ˜€ (I just answered this and then realized the second option had a standard belly button body, you might have gotten an email copy of that answer already.) There is so many, but I’d try to find the doll around that era, 2004ish. Hard to tell without a photo and even then it’s tricky… Hence the reason I should get my identification database back online. *sigh*

          • I’ve tried to find dolls with jointed elbows only, but none of the ones I looked at had a switch on their back. I saw one or two with buttons, but not lever type switches. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack – which I think is easier πŸ™‚ Is there a way to load a pic?

          • I’m pretty sure I can’t help you much with that if it wasn’t Stylin’ Pup, but you could send me a very clear picture of her face on my email at gmail and for Sebastyne. It’s mostly the hair that is a problem, there’s plenty of dolls that have that mechanism, but they all seem to be blondes or red heads, no streaks.

  14. This site is very helpful but I just collected a my scene doll and I wanted to know is there some way that I could use one of the bendable body that has bendable joints from elbows, wrist, knees, feet ? What bendable body is closest to the My Scene dolls and will they fit the Barbie clothes ?

    • The dolls that are currently in stores that sell Barbie, Fashionista Barbie bodies would all fit a MyScene head, you just need to match the skin colour as close as you can. (Usually no bit issue.) The clothes will fit perfectly.

  15. My daughter is asking Santa for a “ballet Barbie that has hands and feet that move”. Is there a Barbie that has articulating hands AND feet?

    • Yes I believe there is… She maybe referring to a doll that was released a couple of years back, that I recall had buttons on each side of her waist making the legs and arms move at the same time. To the life of me I can’t recall under what name they were sold as, but if she has seen such a Barbie before maybe you could sniff out where and ask the owner where they got it from. However, there are SO MANY Ballerina Barbies around that you can easily find something spectacular, especially if she didn’t mean the arms and legs need to move on their own. There are dolls that come with a stand that rotates the doll around similarly to a music box ballerina and all kinds – try eBay for the best results – physical shops have long ago sold out of previous year’s stock!

  16. Hi thank you for this article. I am so disappointed that Mattel discontinued the Superstar dolls. In my opinion they were the most beautiful lines. The new ones loom cheap and tacky, and are often not made very well. Also I like the perfume aroma that came out of the box for the Superstar dolls – the new ones just smell like a plastic factory :'( I know I’m not the only one who feels that way as many people that I meet feel so too.

  17. can you add to your article this barbies bodies
    “Bedtime aka soft body”
    “Dance a flex”
    “American Idol”
    also an new article about Ken body and Sisters and celebrities…

    I love this article

    • I don’t have the dolls (used to but not anymore) so I can’t add pictures but they’re good to know. Thanks for commenting.

  18. Question: Do the articulated Barbie basics, series 2.5 have hollow les like fashionistas or solid ones like classic model muse? thanks

    • I don’t know – if anyone has an answer to this, please do tell. I’ve been out of the Barbie collecting for a few years so I haven’t had the pleasure. πŸ™‚

  19. Hello, your blog is a wealth of information. I am new to the doll world and am blown away at all the different doll body types etccould you tell me if a Wedding dress for a fashion model doll will fit a barbie silkstone doll.
    Thanks Jane

    • Depends which fashion doll we’re talking about, but the generic ones probably fit somewhat but are likely to be lose around the waist and tight around the chest, if they are made to fit the current playline Barbie (belly button / fashionista). Difficult to give you a good answer not knowing the manufacturer of the dress, or whether it’s intended for children or adult collectors.

  20. Hello, i love your blog, i was wondering if francie silkstones kitty corner outfit would fit my repro barbie. Thank You Marian

    • A silkstone body is slightly narrower around the torso than the vintage body type (including repros) so that would probably be a tight fit, but at the same time the fashion is loose so it might be okay. A tightly fitted silkstone outfit will close from the waist but won’t close around the bust, so that’s where the trouble will be with this particular fashion. Try get it removed from box maybe so you can resell it if it doesn’t work for you without losing money on it.

    • That is a fashionista – pivotal body is primarily used for collector dolls, and fashionistas body is mainly used for playline.

  21. Hi , I was given a Barbie doll which was designed by one of the original designers for Mattell. He had saved it from their planning stage for Barbie. She has a serial number molded into her. I wonder where I can find out more about her. Thanks,

    • Try and contact the designer in question, that’s such a rarity that I don’t think there’s any public information of her available.

  22. Very informative! If I may clarify things with regards to the Vintage and TNT bodies….

    The Vintage body changes a little, from earliest forms through the “Midge/Barbie” body and American Girl body– the torsos, while similar, are a little different in size. Not enough to make clothing an issue, but there is no basic “vintage” body, really…

    The Twist n Turn body is specifically the one with the angled waist cut. The torso is more delicate like the “vintage” body styles That body runs from 1967 through the early 70s… at some point in the mid 70s (with the Deluxe QUick Curl dolls?) the torso is resculpted– eliminating the angled twist. The torso becomes bulkier– which is what you mainly see from them on through the late 90s (Shani torso excluded, and is actually closer to the “vintage” and real “tnt” torso in proportion– but it’s the “main” body style until the switch to the belly button body)

    Vintage through mod (TNT) bodies also have a nice little round butt on them– at some point post “superstar” torso (for lack of a better term– but the huskier straight twist waist) that body gets a really flat butt…lol It may have happened mid 80s when the leg changes to one with a rounder, less sculpted foot…..

    • The 1966 stamp on the torso ref’s to the patent date for the twist mechanism… sinc ethe engineering of the design hasn’t changed enough to warrant a new patent, all of those type bodies bear that date ^_^

    • Cool stuff, thanks for adding. I think I would have that Deluxe Quick Curl doll somewhere, I got her after I wrote the post… Might include it at some stage.

  23. Can you please tell me the dimensions of the Avon timeless silhouette doll? I am not sure of her body style. I design fashions for collectors. I have a customer who is asking if one of my designs will fit her. I normally make ensembles for the Barbie Silkstone and reproductions. My designs are supposed to be real fashions in miniature, so fit is important. Thank you so much.

    • She looks to be a standard Shani, you should be able to find a doll that you can fit the clothing on easier than what it would be to use measurements that can be tricky to take on a doll that size.

    • They are cool, please don’t send more spammy comments on unrelated posts, please. I’ll allow this one, but only because I’m on a good mood and the dresses are nice.

    • Tennis shoes and sandals are pretty much it. πŸ™ Gotta get creative and make something yourself? (Don’t you just wish you had a 3D printer and some skills? πŸ™‚ )

      • Hi, just to add to the above.
        I picked up a fat footed Barbie and despaired of finding shoes for her too (I’m assuming you’re talking about the 1993 stamped “posable” body and not the new line of Fashionistas with -small- flat feet).
        However, Mattel released a lot of “Little Extras” packs at the same time – early to mid ’90s – and at least one has “Shoes for Poseable … Barbie” on it.
        I picked mine up on ebay (of course) for about $25 and it has a whole range of shoes – runners and flats, but also some with a little wedge heel!
        Hope this helps.

  24. Hi, Sebastyne,
    I found your article immensely helpful. I am 65 & have a small doll collection. I cringe when I think that when I was young my mother battled long lines & crowds of shoppers several times to get my sister & I the original Barbie.

    Neither of us liked her & I’m afraid we really hurt my mother’s feelings. We were “tomboys” & thought we were too old to play with dolls, even such a sophisticated one as Barbie. My sister’s ponytail Barbie was brunette like herself & mine was blonde. I never even took mine out of the box & I don’t know what became of her or my sister’s. But my mom has had the last laugh because think of what those dolls are worth today, especially MIB! I am also a bit embarrassed when I see toy cash registers like the one I played with in antiques stores and on eBay described as vintage. I guess that makes me vintage as well.
    Anyway, now I do like to play with dolls, or at least collect them & buy clothes for them. I thought about buying a vintage reproduction Barbie on eBay but then I saw all the different kinds of Barbies, Silkstone, Model Muse, etc. & got so confused I didn’t know how to proceed. Your article has clarified for me not only which type of Barbie I want, but how to get the right outfits for her. I think I will go for a vintage reproduction of the Barbie I got so long ago. My mom will really laugh when she finds out, but I won’t mind.
    Thanks again for the great advice.

    • Wow, that would be incredible to find Barbies like that in a relative’s closet! πŸ˜€ You’re not the first person to tell me they’ve got one hidden away because they didn’t like her as a kid!

  25. Hello, again, Justyne,
    I wrote earlier to tell you how much I liked your article and how much it helped me in making a decision about what type of Barbie I want to purchase.

    I did have a bit of trouble when I enlarged the comparative photos. The description in the left hand column was in English, but the description in the right hand column was in another language I did not recognize, so I couldn’t get those details. The photos were quite helpful though so it wasn’t that big of a problem. I just thought you should be aware of it.

    If you don’t want to post this publicly, that’s fine, just delete it.

    • The other language is the translation of the English one, or the other way around – I am Finnish so I do sometimes post stuff in Finnish as well. So it’s the same thing written in two different languages.

  26. Really great article on barbie body types – thanks for sharing your knowledge. Also, I really appreciate how you still have the patience to answer questions after all this time since your original post!
    I buy & sell dolls on eBay and have come across some “My Scene”
    Dolls & fashions that I’m considering. I just want to clarify that the “My Scene” dolls can fit regular Belly Button Barbie fashions, and vice versa. Would you know?
    Thanks for your time.

  27. Hi again!
    I’ve really been inspired by your site to include the body type of the Barbie dolls – in my Ebay listings – but I’m getting a bit muddled.
    I’ve got two dolls that I am sure both have the Shani body, but one is stamped 1966 and the other 1991. Otherwise, they’re pretty much identical, with the arm movement you have described for Shani (as opposed to TnT). Would both of these be called “Shani” then, inspite of the different date stamps?
    Thanks again for your time.
    P.S. the dolls are – 1994 German DOTW and 1998 Cinnabar Sensation.

    • They are both shani – the difference between the stamps is interesting, though. The 1994 doll has a superstar face however, which might explain the stamp. I must say I don’t know when they started stamping them all differently and why they did, but the body types do fit Shani, and the shani clothes, should anyone want to redress them, would fit both dolls.

      If anyone knows about the stamps, please feel free to inform us all. πŸ™‚

  28. just for the record have you any dolls with vintage Francie tnt body how similar or different is to model muse body measurements wise (if I have a sewing pattern for the model muse is it possible to use it for a Francie vintage ? )

    • Sorry for the late reply – hope it wasn’t intended for a Christmas present. πŸ™

      It probably won’t be a very good fit. The Francie body is the same as vintage Barbie body. You might be able to adjust it, but be prepared to do so, add a little extra seam allowance around the bust, take in from the waist and treat her like a real lady. πŸ™‚ The MM body also has a lot longer legs so if it is a pant suit, make some measurements before cutting.

  29. I read and re-read your article, which is full of very useful information. I am still confused by a couple things through… First, are the “Silkstone” barbies what you refer to in your article as a “reproduction” Barbie? if not, what body type do the Silkstone have? Will clothes made for the belly button Barbie fit the silkstone? thank you for clarifying πŸ˜‰

    • Silkstones and reproduction dolls are not the same thing, the Silkstone is a line of collector dolls mostly available online, you can find them in select stores depending on where you live, but they are hard to stumble upon by accident. They’re made for adult collectors and their bodies are slightly different to the vintage/repro body so the clothes don’t necessarily fit, but most often do.
      Silkstone and belly button bodies are very different in size, but I do sometimes successfully swap clothes between the belly button and reproduction/vintage girls.

  30. I just wanted to say this page has been extremely useful. My mother and I split a box of dolls won in an online auction recently, and my share included two of the Ever-Flex girls. I’d have been completely baffled if I hadn’t read about them here. I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of a way to repair the waist joint? One of my two (a purple-haired ‘Jam-n-Glam’ apparently, the joint is either broken or dislocated somehow. The other girl, blond and still unidentified, is fine. If I can’t find a way to fix the joint, I’m ok with that too… (we’re already calling her the paraplegic punk rocker), but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask…

  31. What a great article. Thank you so much! I have my vintage clothing from 1960 and want to be able to put a vintage head onto a pose-able body similar to the medium-breasted Phicen bodies that don’t show joints. Do you know if their body, or anyone else makes one that will fit the vintage head and also fit my vintage clothes? I have several “Made to Move” Barbies that are wonderful, but the joints bother me. I plan to photograph dioramas,

    • There’s several problems with that plan: Firstly, the neck joint in modern dolls are very likely to cause a rip in your vintage doll’s head. There are work arounds, but if you do this, use some ratty old vintage head with no real value left and restore the head for the purpose. You could find a neck joint repair kit and see if you could just brutally cut the neck and rejoin it with some craft work… Perhaps melting the two parts together, or using plastic glue… Sort of advanced stuff.

      The second problem is that many vintage clothes don’t really fit the modern dolls… But then again they tend to be loose around the breasts rather than tight, but if the vintage clothing has a tight waist, it won’t fit the modern doll… Buuut… Pick and choose… There’s always something that fits and a way to make things work the way you want. πŸ˜‰

  32. Hi, I’ve just opened a new “Made to Move” Posable Barbie (I think they came out late last year) and was so blown away by the body type I had to share!
    She has 8 points of articulation – head/neck, upper arm (!), elbow, wrist, upper leg/thigh (!), knee, ankle and bust/upper torso (like Pivotal). She really leaves the Posable and Pivotal dolls for dust! And Mattel have refined the joints, so she holds a pose beautifully! I truely recommend you check her out – just for your own interest πŸ™‚ Regards, Jacqui

  33. I have a Barbie with jointed knees, however, her arms are pretty much like a Muse Model Barbie. Is there a way that I can replace her arms, with either jointed at the elbow arms, or just regular arms?!


  34. Thank you for this article and the great comment threads.
    Just got back to Barbies after 49+ years. Boy, has she changed! It was great to find an older Barbie in a thrift store – she was immediately familiar with her clicky legs and skinny waist. And your article pretty much caught me up on my missing years.

  35. Thanks for your useful article ! I need a clarification : the dolls vinyl Silkstone what kind of head have ? Even the head is in Silkstone , or the head is that of the body Vintage repro ? I saw Barbie Parisienne Pretty , 2009, with the marked head Mattel Inc in 1958 , but the new Classic Camel Coat seems to have a Silkstone head ! Can you tell me if there is then a Silkstone head and how it is pronounced ? Thank you as of now!

    • The head on Silkstone dolls resembles the vintage head but I don’t think the mould is exactly the same, I’ll have to ask for a Silkstone expert to help me out here… I think the Silkstone heads might be just slightly larger than the vintage, but I am not sure, at all… I don’t collect either Silkstone nor vintage, so someone who knows more might want to answer?

  36. I love your site and thank you for the great information. I love the My Scene dolls but recently have been seeing Barbie in thrift stores, usually naked and messed up hair. I can’t leave them there…lol. So your descriptions and pictures have helped me in researching who they are. πŸ’•πŸ’–

  37. I have the opposite problem of most commenters! I have modern dolls (2009 and 2013 stamps) but vintage patterns (1960’s and 1980s) and I have no idea how to alter my patterns to fit the dolls my daughters play with.

    • That can be tricky, considering the body type is very different to what the vintage body is… I’m a professional dressmaker and, frankly, I wouldn’t bother trying. I’d rather get some cool older dolls for your daughter and have her play with them. The 90’s dolls would still fit your 70’s and 80’s patterns well, and cost next to nothing never removed from box and are still new enough to debox without major guilt. πŸ˜‰ Try this ebay link I also have hair straightening instructions here somewhere – although I think the images are lost… If you want to try your hand at restoring dolls for your daughter. Might be fun. πŸ™‚

  38. Hi I recently got into collecting Barbies again after like 10 years of not buying any and I see now that they no longer have the click knee legs. Do you know around what year they stopped using the click knee legs? Thanks in advance.

  39. Hi, I was wondering if you’d be able to help me out? I recently purchased a Barbie with a 2005 body mould/1998 head mould with an open mouth, blue eyes and a face that looks almost unusually long for a Barbie. She has jointed legs (visible joints, not hidden inside) but no bendable arms. Her dress (which I’m not sure is original) has a sparkly, diamond print with pink ruffles at the top which create either a V-neck or off-the-shoulder dress. Her strangest feature is her hair; it’s really long (butt length), blonde and two-toned. One of these tones is just regular Barbie blonde but the other one is whitish and seems to glow violet in certain lights. It is not mixed colour but each half of her head accommodates a shade of blonde. She has straight arms. Should I send you a photo of her? And do you know who she is? Very grateful for any help πŸ™‚
    PS: The code on her back is 1186 MJ, 1, NL (not sure if actual commas or just some strange marks)

    • Doesn’t ring a bell, but maybe someone else knows? I’d look in the mermaid category for a match. Do the light highlights she has glow in the dark? That might give you a clue. (They might glow brighter if you hold them against a bright light for a while and then try a dark room.)

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